Copbot Desktop

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Copbot Desktop is the world's most advanced supreme checkout solution. Copbot Desktop is an easy to use software that will allow you to take control of the drop, no matter what. Join the side who are paying retail and not resell today.


Copbot uses the most advanced technology to secure you any item at retail. Each week you can choose the items you want to cop at retail (unlimited tasks) and watch Copbot handle the rest. Click here to watch our YouTube Guide


Rapid Checkout Speeds

Request Mode & Hybrid Mode

Unlimited Tasks

Restock Mode

Captcha Solver

24/7 Support

Built in drop list

Easy Setup

What you get

Download for both Mac/Windows

License key for 1 device

24/7 Support

Installation/Setup Guide


How often do you restock?

We restock sporadically throughout the year, make sure to sign up to our mail list so you are notified the second we restock.

What countries does Copbot support?

We support all countries that can access the Supreme website.

How fast do I get my bot?

As soon as you have bought your bot, we will confirm your order and send you a link to download within 60 minutes.

What if Supreme change the website?

If Supreme change their website, our expert term will analyse any issues and fix them as soon as possible.

How often is the bot updated?

Our developers are always working hard to improve the bot so as soon as they see something that can be improved we will roll out automatic updates.

How is Copbot different from other bots?

We are currently the fastest Supreme bot available on the market. We are investor funded and have top streetwear influencers behind our software. Other bot software have dared the community to show them a better bot and we've done that. Everything is designed, developed and tested in house with an experienced team of developers so you have nothing to worry about.